1. Here be the final preview for Inhuman 4. It’s out next week. Buy it or die.

  2. Lineage

  3. The cover to Inhuman 8! Colors by @RGBSEXONPSDS!

  4. Old man


  5. elementalfurybro said: How long have you been drawing? Your art is super awesome, and is so cool to look at. It's as though no matter how dull the scene you always find a way to make it dramatic and endearing which is a super cool talent! I'm almost ready for college, so I still have a long ways to go for art, especially since I want to be an animator, but your art serves as awesome inspiration :)

    Well first off, thank you. Second off…I’ve been drawing since I can remember. It’s what my sister and I did for fun as kids and I just never stopped. The oldest drawings I have are from when I was 4 years old. The longest I went WITHOUT drawing was probably when I was in college where I basically took a four year hiatus from it and my skills actually worsened. So good luck in school, and I’m glad you’re going to animation school so you don’t make the same mistakes as me! 


  6. kekse01 said: Hello! Are there any tricks to making/designing a cool signature? My full name is pretty long and makes the art look worse in the end after I've signed it...

    Ha! No. Y’see, there are plenty of people that would tell you that MINE isn’t cool either. But I like it and that’s all that matters. So just make one that you like! 

  7. @rileyrossmo1 may dispute it, but he is my best friend. So I did a cover for his new Image series “Rasputin” and he colored it. Buy it! 

  8. Working on a commission among other things

  9. Pages from Inhuman 5 are up on today’s Axel In Charge column at CBR!  Colors by @RGBSEXONPSDS! 

  10. PUNCH