1. More playing around. Okay gotta work.

  2. playing with Medusa’s design…


  3. Anonymous said: Ok so this is rly weird like rly weird but I work at mcdonalds and there is this guy who looks EXACTLY like you who comes through sometimes and I always try to look at the name on the credit card but I forgot sooooooo do u go to mcdonalds ever at grand Blanc michigan bc if you don't then you have a secret twin brother

    Uhhhhhh…Yes that’s me. I LIKE MCDONALD’S BREAKFAST WHAT CAN I SAY?!!!!!

  4. Why do I do this to myself. Please don’t fav or like this. It will add insult to injury.


  5. doncardenasart said: How did you get so handsome? (Don't say practice!)



  6. idprotokol said: hey, i am a big fan of your work and as a self-taught artist i have a question. When you were learning to draw, how did you practice things such as your poses, anatomy etc..., i have gotten good at copy other artists work but not sure if i am improving. I have trouble turning the body and making up my own poses. Thank you

    Get “How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way” and look at their figure drawing section. It tells you everything you need to know about figure construction. Then, just get better and better at it by practicing. And then practice some more. THEN…practice some more! 

  7. Finished face

  8. The cover to inhuman 7 by ME.

  9. "Your eyes…does it hurt?"

  10. Good face Ryan. You’re good at your job.