1. Spidey ock sketch!

  2. 5 min x-23 colored by @delgaduck!!

  3. 5 min Deadpool sketch colored by @delgaduck!

  4. Black cat sketch colored by @delgaduck!

  5. Gorgon just contemplatin’

  6. Mmmmmm

  7. Rocket and Groot cover process! Here were the steps I went through in making this cover. First is the layout, which I sent in for approval. This one was easy to get approved as it was a mutual decision between me and my editor Nick Lowe to homage the Amazing Spider-Man 328 cover.

    Then, I penciled it using Manga Studio 5. 

    Then, I printed in blue line and inked it using microns, zebra brush pens, pentel pocket brush and some other junk. But those were the main things.

  8. the inks for my @Todd_McFarlane homage cover featuring Rocket and Groot! It will appear on Amazing Spider-Man 9. Colors by the awesome @davcuriel! 

  9. Rocket raccoon and griot variant for Amazing Spider-Man 9 by me! Colors by David cuties! Homage to a classic mcfarlane cover!

  10. Stinky inky