1. Sum dude. Bulk? Malk? Idk #comics #hulk #art #comicart

  2. The cover to Inhuman 04! Drawn by me, colors by @RGBSEXONPSDS! It was announced this weekend that I am the new regular series artist. It’s a really awesome book and I can’t wait for you guys to read it! 

  3. Oh look I drew a cover with 2 goblins on it and @thejasonhoward colored it and it’s for Superior Spider-Man 26! 

  4. Superior Spider-Man issue 19 preview! Pencils by me! Inks by @1JohnLivesay! Colors by @delgaduck! Words by @DanSlott! Letters by @chriseliopoulos! Out next week! GET IT. 

  5. The covers to Scarlet Spider 23 and Superior Spider-Man 19. Colors by @delgaduck and @thejasonhoward, respectively! Fun stuff!

  6. The cover to scarlet spider 22! Lines by me! Colors by @delgaduck!!!

  7. The covers to Superior Spider-Man 17 and 18 are up on the NY Post’s new comics blog! Check ‘em out HERE! 

  8. Superior spider-man 10 preview! Colors by @delgaduck

  9. The cover to Scarlet Spider 15! inks by me! Colors by @delgaduck! 

  10. Scarlet Spider 14 cover colors and inks! Colors by @delgaduck!!!!! Comes out Feb. 13th!