1. The cover to Inhuman 8! Colors by @RGBSEXONPSDS!

  2. @rileyrossmo1 may dispute it, but he is my best friend. So I did a cover for his new Image series “Rasputin” and he colored it. Buy it! 

  3. Pages from Inhuman 5 are up on today’s Axel In Charge column at CBR!  Colors by @RGBSEXONPSDS! 

  4. Legendary Star-Lord cover: From sketch to color by me. Colors by Jason Keith. 

  5. Inhuman 4 preview. Lines by me, colors by the GREAT @RGBSEXONPSDS. Out August 27th! FINALLY! 

  6. The cover to Wolverine 12 by ME.

  7. Wolverine issue 11 cover. Lines by me, colors by delgaduck (Edgar Delgado)! 

  8. Savage Hulk original cover art now for sale! HERE! 

  9. I did a cover for Savage Hulk 2. Jason Keith colored it. Here it is! In color and black and white!

  10. Getting @RGBSEXONPSDS colors in my email is pretty much the best thing.