1. Savage Hulk original cover art now for sale! HERE! 

  2. I did a cover for Savage Hulk 2. Jason Keith colored it. Here it is! In color and black and white!

  3. Getting @RGBSEXONPSDS colors in my email is pretty much the best thing.

  4. Inhuman 6 cover, colored BEAUTIFULLY by @RGBSEXONPSDS! 

  5. That Wolverine commission I did last week? Now a cover from Marvel. 

  6. Did I already tell you that this is your favorite new comic book character? Because he is. READER.

  7. The cover to Inhuman 04! Drawn by me, colors by @RGBSEXONPSDS! It was announced this weekend that I am the new regular series artist. It’s a really awesome book and I can’t wait for you guys to read it! 

  8. Moon Knight #3 variant cover now for sale on eBay! CLICK HERE NOW.

  9. ALL of my original art is on sale for the holidays. A full listing can be viewed HERE! 

  10. Spider-Man and Mary Jane commission FINISHED