1. Finished Superman commission! 

  2. Inhuman 6 cover, colored BEAUTIFULLY by @RGBSEXONPSDS! 

  3. DAILY SKETCH 1: @Todd_McFarlane’s SPAWN! We will be selling this, info will be posted later today or tomorrow, still figuring it out.

    It’s on 11x 17. 

    Spawn meant so much to me. It completely changed my life and made me want to be a comic book artist. So this was a blast.

  4. ALL of my original art is on sale for the holidays. A full listing can be viewed HERE! 

  5. Oh look I drew a cover with 2 goblins on it and @thejasonhoward colored it and it’s for Superior Spider-Man 26! 

  6. Superior Spider-Man issue 19 preview! Pencils by me! Inks by @1JohnLivesay! Colors by @delgaduck! Words by @DanSlott! Letters by @chriseliopoulos! Out next week! GET IT. 

  7. Guys! @delgaduck and I did a cover for She-Hulk number one also. Read about it HERE! 

  8. The cover to Scarlet Spider 25! Lines by me! Colors by @delgaduck! One of my fav covers we’ve done! Woo!

  9. Superior Spider-Man 18 preview pages! Out next week! Pencils by me, inks by @1JohnLivesay, colors by @delgaduck! Check it out on Newsarama! 

  10. The cover to scarlet spider 22! Lines by me! Colors by @delgaduck!!!